The Liberian Assistance Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group working to help Liberians become self-sufficient. We support school and community needs and provide scholarships for students from elementary school through college.

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This page was last updated: October 17, 2014
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US Ambassador Deborah Malac visits
Barack Obama International Foundation School

photo by Lyn Howell Gray
LAP Efforts to Help during the Ebola Crisis in Liberia

The Liberian Assistance Program’s board has decided to send money to sustain the people we normally serve as they face this period of severe crisis in Liberia. Even Liberians who have not been stricken with Ebola are suffering – many have no way to make a living or to buy food or to visit a hospital for other problems. It is indeed a frightening time.

We have pledged to pay nearly the full salaries of the 16 teachers and staff at the Obama School (normally salaries come from school tuition, not LAP) while the school is closed. Thus, staff members can support their families and be available to teach when schools are allowed to re-open. We are now considering other ways we can help, such as sending money to buy rice for the 250 children of our school. 

We phone or email our principal, Jessie Kekula, several times a week and have learned that as of September there have been two cases of Ebola in Cow Field. One person died and the other survived. 

If LAP friends wish to help with the staff salaries or in providing food for the children, please send a donation to: LAP, 4001 Hiawatha Dr., Madison, WI. 53711. If you would prefer to help with medical assistance, two organizations we would recommend are: Doctors without Borders or Partners in Health